Sounds great – Moon Titan has the potential to be a great place live

I keep landing on this site when following research trails and whilst I’m still decide on the validity of the information (For me it’s worth spending time vetting sources of information), I find the reading experience great.

The lack of “selling” let’s me focus on what I’m reading but also gives me the feeling that the information is important and cared for by it’s producers.

For now this way of sharing information/journalism works for my mind and gut.


Sugar = glucose

glucose = energy

The issue with sugar is not the sugar per say, but more about the way we ingest it. All foods contain a type of sugar. When we eat a food such as fruit our intestinal bacteria have to break the cells of the fruit down to access the sugar. This takes time and therefore the sugar is released slowly, giving our organs time to process this vital energy.

By contrast, when we consume pure sugar of any kind it goes straight into the body, putting excess strain on our vital organs. It can also give us the perception that we have eaten enough, disregarding the urge to eat based on impulses from the body craving nutrients after consuming sugar.